Cold Case Lectures in The Netherlands

Apeldoorn, NL

Traveling to The Netherlands began soon after our book on cold cases was published when faculty members of the Dutch Police Academy invited us to Holland for discussions regarding the possibility of integrating our book into their masters curriculum for detectives. 

During the past 12 months Dr. Adcock has travelled to The Netherlands four times to lecture regarding the cold case investigation process.  His two day presentations place an emphasis on how to prepare a victimology report and the development of suspects (suspectology) from a pool of persons of interest.  His next visit to Holland is scheduled for November 2013.    Additionally, He and Dr. Stein are presently writing a second edition to their cold case book where the professors from the Dutch Police Academy are providing a chapter on cold case investigations in Holland.   

The Netherlands - 2014

More cold case lectures at the Dutch Police Academy

In March 2014, Dr. Adcock was back in The Netherlands and lectured two days at the Police Academy on victimology and suspectology (the development of suspects from a list of persons of interest).  He also had the opportunity to work with the detectives in each class on two separate cold cases that had been assigned to the class for review and analysis.

The image to the right is from a Dutch Police car that contains their logo as well. 

In late August 2014, Dr. Stein accompanied Dr. Adcock to the Police Academy in Apeldoorn to address two more detective classes.    Dr. Stein  talked about the proper collection of information and the writing of victimology reports with a focus on the cold case the class was assigned to evaluate.  Following that Dr. Adcock delved into the suspectology process of sorting through persons of interest to identify and locate suspects for further investigation.

The next scheduled appearance for Dr. Adcock is late November 2014 where he has been asked to lecture to three different sessions of their advanced detective course. 

The below image is a picture of the Centraal Train Station in Amsterdam, a sight to behold.

Dutch Police Academy-2015-16

In March 2015 Dr. Adcock made another trip to The Netherlands and conducted a cold case lecture to three different classes.  He is scheduled to return in June, August, November and December 2015.

In September of 2016, Dr. Adcock returned to the Netherlands and conducted another series of lectures regarding the cold case investigative process.