What Can We Do for You?

Whether it is an ongoing investigation or a Cold Case we offer expert death investigation analysis. Research has shown that in 95% of the cases the name of the perpetrator is found in the case file during the first 30 days of the investigation. In order to facilitate the retrieval of such critical information, our analysis will begin with organizing the case file. Then the consultants will conduct a victimology assessment, identify evidentiary issues, provide timelines, review behavioral traits relating to persons (s) of interest, and provide interview strategies along with an investigative plan for further action.

So if your investigation is still unsolved, what have you got to lose? Give us the opportunity to help you solve that investigation. Our preliminary review of your situation and status of your cases is free.  This free preliminary review will generate a plan of action for you to follow.  Should you decide to engage our services further we will provide an indepth evaluation and analysis of the information in a detailed report. As reflected in our book on Cold Case the process can be very time consuming yet thorough.  Regardless of what we do for you, we treat all preliminary reviews and case consultations with the utmost confidentiality.

Since we are strong advocates for training, we also provide certifiable Cold Case and Death Investigation training.  This training will detail the concepts and processes that should be considered for conducting a death investigation and for the development of a cold case team armed with information they will need to procedd.  Additionally, we are also prepared to provide Missing Persons Investigations seminars.

Missing Persons

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